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Poland is a country with more than one thousand years of history, ranking ninth in Europe in terms of surface and sixth in the European Union as regards the size of population.

Poland is situated in the very centre of Europe, which promotes business activities. It borders with both EU member states (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania) and East European countries (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia). Enjoying its location, Poland has access to 250 million consumers within a 1000 km range. West – East and North – South transit routes traverse our country, while the continually developing network of roads and highways facilitates logistics. The proximity of EU and east European markets stimulates the export of goods, which can be transported to any place in the world owing to numerous airports and seaports across the country. Sea access is an advantage, which cannot be enjoyed by all countries within the region.

As the sixth country in terms of population-size in the European Union, Poland is a major market for goods and services. With 38 million citizens, it accounts for one third of the population of new member states.

The Polish educational system trains specialists in many fields. There are almost two million students in Poland, i.e. almost half of the population aged from 19 to 24. 400 thousand graduates complete education in 500 universities and academies every year. These numbers are growing constantly. With quality educational background, young people are excellent staff for companies. With a command of foreign languages, they can also look for job opportunities with international companies. More than half of them have a good knowledge of English language. Many learn new languages – mainly German, Russian, French and Spanish.

Poland’s economy is one of the most rapid developing economies in Europe. The increase of GDP in 2009 gave our country the first place across the European Union. Foreign trade is dynamic. Unemployment rates are dropping continually. Inflation has been curbed and remains on a stable level. Poland’s economy is facing prospects of further rapid growth. As regards EU funds in years 2007 – 2013 Poland shall receive approx. EURO 67 billion from the common budget, which means it shall be the biggest beneficiary of EU support. The planned introduction of EURO currency with the onset of 2015 may prove very promising for foreign entrepreneurs. The development of infrastructure along with construction industry, services and tourism herald the fact that Poland together with Ukraine has been awarded the right to organize 2012 European Football Championship.

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