Polish Club Ashfield

polish clubs advisory


polish club in ashfield needs your protection

Save polish culture in Sydney


Hilter's like people should stay away 

They will have many followers but we know these types of people will eventually betray its followers as it is the way how they live their lives based on their lies. 

polish club needs your support, we must stop hitler's like people from selling it

Help polish club ashfield member to return to their club

Helping polish people to sustain their culture here in Sydney in Australia to never forget the lesson the previous generation have given us. We should be proud of being polish. We have many reasons why. We should never give up on trying to understand how strongly our culture has been influenced by negative thoughts and people, and how much we need to work to rebuild the confidence and overcome the fear which is implanted in our gens. We should be proud polish and hard working, aware what influenced us over the years of oppression through wrong systems and wars, through wrong people.  Time to understand and bring peace.